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Editor's Note: The LBT recently has discovered certain of its writers embellishing stories for effect. These embellishments are under investigation. Until the investigation is complete, please corroborate all stories before making investment or any other decisions.


SAE Fraternity Members Could Face Capital Punishment

Oklahoma University President David Boren said Monday that he will order the expulsion of students participating in a racist chant caught on video and will request permission from the governor of Oklahoma to execute those students that appear in the video.  [More]


Las Vegas? Don't Even Go There

The LBT visits Las Vegas.  If picking up girls at nightclubs is not your reason to go there, then here is why you should think twice about going.  [More] 


Another Asian Airliner Crashes In Dramatic Fashion

The controversy surrounding Bad Asian Driving (or “BAD”) will flare up again after a Taiwanese TransAsia turboprop plane carrying 58 passengers and crew careened into a bridge on Wednesday.  The plane ended its flight in a small river in downtown Taipei.  At least 31 people are believed to have died.  Dozens more were injured.  [More]

Actress Surprises Media By Displaying Her Excised Uterus And Ovaries

Actress Angelina Jolie, mother of six, created a frenzy after displaying her uterus to a group of reporters.  Jolie had had her uterus and ovaries removed in order to prevent cancer since she is at a high genetic risk for ovarian cancer based upon her genetic markers and family history.  [More] 

Thinking About Visiting Las Vegas? Don't Even Go There

The LBT visits Las Vegas.  Unless picking up girls at nightclubs is your reason to go there, then here is why you should think twice about going.  [More] 

Bruce Gender Reconsiders Sex Change After Painful Anal Intercourse

In 1976, former Olympic legend and reality TV star Bruce Jenner dominated the decathalon by stretching his body to the limit.  Almost 40 years later, he seems at risk of failing to reach the most important goal of his life by millimeters of sphinctoral tissue.  [More]

Bill Cosby Gives Exclusive Interview To The LBT To Address Allegations

Bold, outspoken and political are not adjectives normally ascribed to a comedian. But then again, Cosby was never one to fit anyone’s preconceptions. A giant of the entertainment industry, Bill Cosby recast what it meant to be a black man in America. At 77, Cosby is as vibrant and unpredictable as ever. He has been a part of The LBT family since its first Jazz Festival in 1971, and perhaps that is why he chose The LBT to speak out for the first time after allegations arose concerning supposed sexual improprieties from decades ago.  [More]

The LBT's Critic Argues That Sam Smith Does Not Have The Musical Chops For Attention He Receives

Ebola remains highly contained in the U.S.  Indeed, today our worst contagion comes not from Africa but from our mother country – England.  By now nearly everyone has been exposed to the monstrosity known as “Sam Smith.”  [More]

A Serious Look Back At Michael Jackson As Child Prodigy In 1970s

In terms of musical prodigies in the late 20th century, there is one that stands out.   In the early 1970s there was a little afro-haired black kid who fronted the Jackson 5 named Michael Jackson.  Jackson’s fame as a young adult eclipsed his fame as a child and made him a global brand on a scale seldom seen[More]

Beauty Pageant Traditionalists Riled By First Indian-American Winner


Does our new Miss America pass the “smell test”?  That is the question being asked by the National Organization of Former Miss Americas (“NOFA”), a traditionalist group of former beauty pageant winners after the crowning of the first Miss America of Indian descent. [More]

Aniston Faces Tough Decisions With Down Syndrome Pregnancy


BEVERLY HILLS, CA - Is Jennifer Aniston joining Kate Middleton in the first-time moms club?  Perhaps, but her rumored new pregnancy may be bittersweet.  According to friends close to Aniston, her one-month-old fetus has Down syndrome. [More]

Rolling Stone Magazine Prints Controversial Hitler Cover


Accused Nazi dictator Adolph Hitler’s face on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone sparked a backlash against the magazine in social media and in boardrooms around the country.  “Der Fuhrer” the cover reads.  “How a Popular, Promising War Veteran Was Failed by A Flawed Peace Treaty, Fell Into A Radical Political Party And Became A Monster.”

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